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Costa Rica is still an exotic place and most Canadians and internationals know very little about this beautiful destination which is rapidly developing to become the first choice for discerning buyers and investors.

The Republic of Costa Rica continues to be one of the safest destinations in the World. Costa Rica has one of the oldest democracies in the region and does not have its own military force.

A few short years ago, the wild and beautiful northwestern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, was an exotic destination attracting adventurous vacationers, ardent surfers, sport fishermen and scuba divers from around the world.

Today the area is considered the new "Gold Coast" of Central America, its great natural beauty and welcoming culture attracting international visitors and investors who sense the golden future of the region. 

In this part of the world the azure Pacific Ocean traces along hundreds of miles of unspoiled coastline creating a near endless array of white, black and honey colored sand beaches edged by lush tropical forests.

Sometimes referred to as the 'Switzerland' of Central America, Costa Rica is a vibrant country rich with spirit and warmth that has continued to attract Canadians and internationals to its beautiful shores and strikingly varied landscapes in greater numbers every year.

Altos Los Robles - Oaks Tamarindo - Coco Bay Development - Punta Playa Vistas - Vista Ocotal - La Montaņa at Coca Bay Estates

Many factors are at play for everyday individuals who begin to consider the idea of becoming "Snowbirds" or even permanent expats.

According to an official with the renowned organization "International Living", the top priorities for people considering the move abroad are as follows:

1. Safety and security
2. Access to quality medical services
3. Cost of living
4. Accessibility [to Canada and the rest of the world]
5. Democratic stability

Scoring high on all of them is Costa Rica which makes it appeal to a broader audience than its neighboring countries.

Kindred in spirit to Hawaii, costal Mexico and the Caribbean Islands, Costa Rica's Pacific Coast region is a rare tropical paradise that has become the eco-adventure capital of the World and an upscale, international vacation destination.

Its pristine beauty, charming culture and a wonderful year-round climate - untouched by hurricanes - enchant all who visit, inspiring many to return for a lifetime!

As they say in Costa Rica, this is where you'll find the Pura Vida - life at its best


Our current property portfolio includes an impressive range of options to address your requirements including custom built colonial style homes in a master planned gated community, townhouses in beautiful resorts, and condominiums with spectacular ocean views - we have it all!

Once you have discovered Costa Rica we're confident you'll understand why our spectacular coastal destinations are one of the fastest-growing resort and lifestyle destinations in the world and why so many international 5-star resorts, exclusive spas and knowledgeable hoteliers are investing along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

Most importantly, once you visit Costa Rica you'll discover how simple it is to become part of this wonderful lifestyle!


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